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Summer 2024

Summer Camp Counselor Program

Summer Camps are a unique American tradition that provides American children (and sometimes adults) with the opportunity to participate in supervised activities away from home in a safe and nurturing environment. Children and adolescents who attend summer camps are known as campers. The primary purpose of many camps is educational, athletic, or cultural development.

The International Camp Counselor Program provides camps, across the US, with the opportunity to provide a cultural exchange experience for their campers. Camps seek International Staff Qualified in a variety of skills from a diverse array of countries to share their customs and traditions from their home countries, while the camps themselves provide international participants with the unique cultural experience of an American summer camp.

Why summer camp counselor

Camp jobs provide unique and essential opportunities for skill development, leadership training, and personal enrichment that are unparalleled. Regardless of your college major, the experiences gained through camp roles empower you to acquire and refine skills that significantly enhance your employability.

As a summer camp counselor, your direct interaction with children fosters the acquisition of numerous valuable skills applicable to any future profession. Camp counselors have boundless opportunities to assume leadership roles. Almost instantly, campers look up to their counselors, seeking guidance and wisdom, thus making them one of the most influential and admired individuals in a child’s life.

Camp Counseling Adventure

Camp Counselor Program places passionate, skilled young people from a diverse array of countries in camps across the United States.​
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Program Eligibility & REQUIREMENT

Working at a summer camp can be a great experience for the right person. You need to be experienced in your specialist areas, a professional coach, or a teacher simply. if accepted into the program we will work hard to match your skills, experience, background, and preferences to a suitable camp.

  • Be between 18 – 26.
  • A foreign post-secondary student, youth worker, teacher, or individual with specialized skills and enjoys working with Kids.
  • Have the English skills required to contribute in an English-speaking workplace.

Compensation for Counselors

Counselors receive pay and benefits commensurate with those offered to their American counterparts at the camps. This will be set and agreed upon before you leave and is determined by your age and role on camp. As a first-year applicant, you can expect Pocket Money from the camp between $800-$1800 from your placement.

Program Duration

Most camps run for an average 2.5-month session during which time participants are to remain at camp until their placement is over. Camps will also run a one-week orientation before camp. Certain positions require counselors to come a week earlier than the rest of the staff to attend specific training (ie Lifeguard and waterfront staff). The camp season runs typically from June to August. Participants can travel after their program and must return home within 30 days of the end of their program.

there are two types of counselors

General Counselor

hese roles will act as the main care giver for a group of children. Their duties will include staying with the children at night in the cabin (although generally in a separate room), taking them to their different activities, and beings the primary support system for their group of campers.

Specialist Counselors

These roles entail teaching the campers a special skill or activity. They should be proficient in the various elements of that skill and be confident to teach it to the campers. Campers rotate from activity to activity throughout the day and Specialist Staff will remain at their activity station during those times to receive each group of campers. 

Essential Skills for the Right Counselor

Generally, camps seek participants who have an interest in and some experience working with children. They also seek those who have a special skill that they can teach campers. 

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