Usa Hospitality & Culinary Internship Program

About the Program

It is a unique opportunity offered to the undergraduate / graduate students to work and gain practical experience with International employer in the most reputable hotels & restaurants in Spain, for 3 Months and up to 12 months, Employers will usually provide Paid Placement, Free housing and meals during the internship program.


What is the program all about?

This program designed to give the opportunity for undergraduate / graduate participants, to complete their training requirements / gain experience while they are exploring Spain lifestyle by living & working as interns in the international restaurants and hotels in one of the greatest historical cities within the country.

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What does the Internship program include?

  • Paid full time Training placement.
  • Accredited Experience Certificate.
  • Full program information and orientations.
  • Getting the NIE or TIE and Social Security Number
  • Interview with your program sponsor coordinator /Host Organization.
  • Health insurance.
  • Guidance throughout program tenor.
  • Preparation for your J-1 Visa interview at the US Embassy.
  • 24-hour emergency phone number.

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What does the Employer training includes?

  • pocket money –depending on the host company´s.
  • free Accommodation.
  • Full board (Free meals).

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible if you are:

  • Your age 18 – 32 years old University degree.
  • A student enrolled in a college/university program.
  • Your requested work placement is related to your studies/diploma.
  • Language requirements: Good command of English is enough for culinary and housekeeping positions.
  • You have sufficient finances to support yourself during your entire stay in Spain.
  • You are able to commit to the full duration of your program placement (up to 12 months).
  • It is desirable if the participant has some basic knowledge of Spanish as well.
  • Related work experience preferred but not essential.
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Your education field must be in

The required documents


Cosmopolitan looks forward to help you in putting the first stone on your future career base and ensure that your proposed internship program satisfies both you and your host organization’s expectations of success.

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