5 tips for J-1 visa interview

First impression is important
A visa interview does not start with the first question. It starts right the moment you come face-to-face with the visa consular. So first impression is extremely important and you have no idea how true this is! Research has shown that counselor assess candidates through nonverbal communication as much as verbal communication.


1.Smile: the smile is your biggest asset

Eye contact: eye contact with the visa officer is extremely crucial.

Posture: Right posture is a positive sign of confidence and poise.


2.Clear communication is extremely important
Communication is inevitably a key element in the interview. Effective communication projects a positive image and boosts your chances. Keep your answers brief and short without much elaboration and extra examples.


3.Answer the question only

It’s ok to ask the consular to repeat the question if you did not understand it

Consular understand Arabic



4.Timing is critical
Respecting time is the key of success in the interview. Normally visa interview doesn’t last for that long, be there on time, you should be able to use the limited amount of wisely in answering counselor questions effectively.



5.Preparation is a must
You have to read your application before you go to the interview, so you can be ready for any question the counselor will ask. e.g. Why are you going to the US, What are going to work there, What is your employer name, What is the person who is paying for your trip job.


Relax the counselor is a human being.

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  1. actually enjoyed what you posted actually. it really isnt that simple to find even remotely good text to read (you know.. really READ and not just going through it like some uniterested and flesh eating zombie before moving on), so cheers mate for really not wasting any of my time! :p

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